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      Chickens and pigs

      Hello all - this is my first post and a very excited one as we are in the process of planning a move to Adelaide - in amongst the thousand questions I have - I keep chickens and ducks at home - I will be sad to leave my babies behind but want to start again once we get there - is this normal in adelaide? - we are looking at the adelaide hills and would also like to keep a few pigs as have always wanted to but never had the land space here.

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      You would need to check on restrictions with local councils.

      You do see many weird creatures around Adelaide

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      I live in very urban Glenelg and my neighbours kept chickens until they moved.....bloody things kept waking us up and ungodly hours!! love chickens and all but prefer to see them in the countryside and free ranging.The smell was pretty heavy on a hot day too!

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      Unless things have changed since I lived in the hills,you should be ok to keep chooks.Not too sure about the pigs,I guess it depends if you are living within a township,doubt if you'd get permission(check with council)but if you are on a farm,might be a different story.(PS if you do live in a town,don't get a rooster unless you want to upset the neighbours!)



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