Our Zanussi Electrolux fridge freezer has been fantastic, no probs till now, moved it here, and it survived shipping really well and been using it here 2 yrs now.

But have major problem with door seals and think that we need to replace the seals. I have found a website I can order the right parts for the fridge - also need a new freezer tray and bulb.

Question: have you replaced door seals on a new ish fridge and was it successful? The fridge is about 6 yrs old, and has the newer type seals from what I can tell from the instruction website I found - ie no screws, just a white panel that traps the seal and holds it in place.

To get the parts I need for the fridge appears to be about 90 all in (inc tray and bulb) and then about 7 postage. Am a bit shocked the postage is so low but if it is going to be ridiculous I can call off the order because they contact you if its different.

Have looked at prices of new appliances - and for a start I can't find a similar thing - don't want an itty bitty freezer, prefer decent almost half and half arrangement, cos i don't need a massive fridge. But the PRICES!!!! And have just gone on to Currys website to see what their appliances cost, and they are in the region of 300. So a lot cheaper it seems.

The website here I looked at was Good Guys for an initial "is it worth repairing" bit of research. Appears it may well be, unless anyone else has good advice for me about a) replacing seals being a nightmare, or b) a better place to look for a new one.

Had a run on needing advice recently, and hoping that someone can help with this please?? thanks!