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      sending food to UK

      I want to send biscuits to uk. I'm assuming as a lot of galaxy gets sent here in the post to some people it's ok to do. Do I just box it up and declare biscuits on customs label or are we not allowed to send stuff? Thanks for any advice.

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      PILs always used to send us food from Oz so yes I'd just go for it. xxxxxx
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      What ones do you want to send? You can get Tim Tams and a few other ones here now in lots of places in the UK. My locak Saisbury sells them and Milo. Also the SANZA online store (UK) would probably work out cheaper and quicker if you only want to send a pack or two. Hubby gets all his Coopers via there every time its on special. Usually delivered within 2 days.

      My MIL sends us teddy bear biscuits via surface mail, big box at a time Way cheaper to ship but it can take 2-3 months. So if considering sending a bigger package this way, just make sure they have a decent shelf life.
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