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      Smile Do UK TV's work in Oz


      I am a new member and not sure if this has bee asked before.

      I am thinking abount buying a LCD TV which is PAL compliant in the UK before we emigrate to Oz hopefully soon in 2008.

      I have read that although the TV's can be used to watch the picture, you cannot hear the sound.

      I have read that the only way to get the TV to work is to do one of the following:

      1. Get the TV converted to work to Oz standards.
      2. Hook up to satellite.

      Is this true can anyone help me, please?

      I am about to spend around 700 - 900 HD1080 for a 40" Samsung LCD TV.

      Should I wait and buy one there, but it seems that for this spec TV in Oz would cost a lot more.Is that true, if not what would it cost? Any links to electrical webistes to give me an idea would be greatly appreciated.

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      as I understand things your right about uk tvs in Aus, on the cost if you compare prices on Aus web sites they do appear more expensive but the headline price is not always the price you pay, you can somtimes haggle, also if you buy a tv in uk and you have a problem with it in 6 months time what do you do ?
      have a look at the shopping section of www.adelaidebound.com to give you some idea of whats available.
      Im sure the people aready there will be able to help you more.

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      When we talked about this before we left, we decided that we would not buy something that might work and pay for it to be shipped when we could buy something out here that would certainly work and we could get nsroted easily if it didn't.

      If you pay cash in shops the price is reduced and if you buy more than one thing then a further discount can be sorted.

      We just got a 42" LCD TV (I am sure someone will know if this is good or not - to me it is a black thing in the corner showing umpteen channels of sh*te TV) for about $1000. It was just over that when we saw it and just under that when we paid for it.

      Good luck in deciding


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      Rob and Clare

      When are you due to come to oz ?

      If it's something you want and it's a while till you come out in 2008 then get it, if your due to come out soon then it could be worth buying here.

      We bought a 42 inch samsung plasma and from all the comparisons i could find it was cheaper here than the uk, which i think just shows that sometimes you cannot tell if it is cheaper here or there. Just depends who has the best offers.

      If you do buy there, then you will still need some kind of receiver from here to watch tv, we still use a uk tv still in our spare room and watch it through a VCR, but a digital receiver will do the same job.

      Good Luck with the move

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      from what i have been told by my mate in adelaide his sony t.v works fine once connected to a digi box or freeview box that can be bought for about $80 - 100.
      bloody better be true because i plan to take my samsung 40" lcd that i bought 6 months ago over to adelaide.
      im not worrying to much.
      i would still buy here if i was you.

      good luck

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      sky +

      Hi Ceri here

      does anyone know if sky+ boxes work over there


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