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      Rayburn solid fuel heater question

      Hello there,

      To start with I would like to introduce myself as I am new to this site we have been granted our 176 Visa on the 18th of April and are organising the move slowly.

      One of the questions that we have, after reading the threads regarding heating, if it is permissable to import a Rayburn solid fuel burner with some radiators as we are paying for the volume rather then the weight of a shipping container.

      In due course we are planning to buy a plot and build a kit house on it so creating ducting in the concrete slab for the central heating pipes is not that difficult and costly when you start from scratch.

      Can anybody tell me if this has been done before and if there are any pitfalls with importing and plumbing regulations.

      Thanks in advance.
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      Well, there is an Aga store in Aus, imports Aga's Rayburn and more it seems. So it is doable I'd think but I don't know about the import taxes and so on. And about anyone in the area skilled to install it. Also seems wood burning ones are the most popular on the website.


      Have a look on there and enquire to prices etc and see if its cost effective to ship and install or buy once there?

      Have you considered a wood burner to run a few radiators off of or do you hope to heat the entire house off a Rayburn? I know I plan on looking into a big wood burner to run a few radiators off of eventually (and possibly heat the water when in use also). I've had one here in the UK before and found it brilliant with a few rooms heated nicely and the not so often used ones making do with convector or other heaters as and when.



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