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    Thread: Swimming pool novice

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      Quote Originally Posted by tina&steve View Post
      have my pool, its a pain in the ass!!!!!
      I wanted to say similar but I didn't want to appear negative.Hee Hee
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      Quote Originally Posted by R & H View Post
      Hi there - possibly buying place with a pool, as we've never had a pool before can anyone give us an idea of how much the running costs would be, we understand that it is salt water, and solar heated but need to budget for general maintenance etc. Thanks
      That depends on type construction of the pool and size , usage and who uses it ..... we have a concrete/tiled 55'000 Ltrs. and controlling the PH is slightly more intensive than a plastic/glass enclosure due to the activity of the tile grout etc. but hey its no big deal maybe over the season I use an xtra 10 +/- ltrs of acid (over a plastic set up) acids cheap $15 for 5 LTRs.....Our filter/chlorinater pump runs 2 hrs am and 2hrs pm during summer months(with Chlorinator output @ 50%).....saying that our pool is aways covered while not in use as UV rays will deplete chlorine levels and water evaparation can be severe....kids in and out wearing sunblock, and mutts jumping in also have a major affect on chemical balance.....when we built we installed a pool shower which helps control pool balance.
      During winter we have a Walco Winter cover and the pool basically becomes a rainwater tank as in no maintainance require while cover installed , solar pump and filter cycle for 5mins per day to avoid seizure during this time,
      In summer the chlorinater is acidized once a month and over the season maybe 2 to 4 KG of buffer is added to protect chorine, now because we cover the pool when not in use and our bombing days are over (dam) we have very little water waste so usually no salt required (for the last 3years )....so for us cost in minimal to enjoyment ratio......Salt Water pool is the way to go
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      salt water pool is much better! unfortunately i have a chlorine pool which i inherited with the house. i also have a leak which is fun!!...not!
      as for the chlorine, i got talking to the guy at Clark rubber to which he informed me that they have a chlorine with UV protection that is more expensive but we will use less of it. sure i thought, this guy is full o crap!!
      however, he was right and i use a tenth of the chlorine i used before! what is the name of this chlorine i hear you ask?? i have no idea but i can find out off the wife as she remembers everything!!! be lost you without you love!! lol

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      As a rule a pool uses around 3000kW per year to run, at current electricity prices (30c per kW) that's round $900 a year. If you work out how much a gym membership or going to the local pool costs it's not bad.
      We use the Adelaide Pool Mart on Magill Road, the staff there are excellent and have even fixed stuff for us for free in the past, I can't recommend them highly enough. We get a winter kit from them as soon as it is too cool to swim, it's a few chemicals that stop mould and blackspot in the pool, so once they are in we run our pool for 1 hour a day. Spring we go to about 4 - 6 hours then 8 through the summer.
      Hope that helps.

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      Thanks Stanley, that's quite a comprehensive reply that we'll keep to refer to when we get there.


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