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    Thread: white tip

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      WARNING - this link may put you off moving to Oz :lol: :lol:

      I hate spiders :shock: http://www.spiderzrule.com/commonspidersaus.htm

      White tip right down the bottom of the page....if you make it that far :?


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      donna T
      I have just looked at the link - and some on the links off that - I think I might lose my lunch - DISGUSTING!!

      I really am worried about the crawly, jumping, moving things. I think I will get some of those house 'bombs' on a regular basis. I know it's not very friendly but I cannot bear the thought of those crawling around near me or the kids - yeauch!

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      Talking of the house bombs my 12 year old daughter has been on some website i dont know where and she has printed me a page of instuctions all about the house bombs how to use them where is the best place to buy them which ones are best, she is petrified :shock: ,did you look at the bite pictures, one guys wound looked like a pizza on his leg.
      I have heard that one breed of spider is renound for climbing in cars christ could you imagine one popping up on your dashboard, but i read somewhere that if you go out looking for them you will find them SO DONT LOOK is the answer i think :?

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      donna T
      Oh my God - I just looked at the bite ones - did you see the one of the Browm recluse where his hand was completely open :!:
      Thankfully - most of these were in Texas!!!

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      I must admit i had started to hyperventilate until cameron pointed out that they were american spiders one even found in tennessee where we went last year,and he told me i didnt worry about them or see them there so it will be the same in oz :shock: [i tell you i am going to have to learn how to sleep with my eyes open].
      Snakes dont worry me really as we kept them when i was you little so i feel slightly more educated about them ,not that, that means one wont bite me!
      Hayls :D

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      I think we must eventually get used to spiders and the like....I think if in doubt just swot it with a shoe?!??! Not very nice as I normally do my very best to save any spiders I see over here, I mean its second nature for me to rescue one from the bath....not sure I will dare to do this in Oz!

      I think we did have a close encounter with a red back whilst out in Oz, but to be honest it seemed more intent in minding its own business.....

      I suppose I should really have a look at the site??? DARE I?????


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      Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

      I am completely freaked out now!!!!

      After studying the red back I can now confirm thats what we had in one of our bedrooms!!!!!

      Where can I get one of these spider bomb things from? How often do you have to use them???????? :?

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      Morning all,

      I've been here now for two years and NEVER seen a white tip spider, seen plenty of redbacks and Huntsman spiders though.

      Gheko's are the most common house visitor along with other small lizzards locusts, Grasshoppers and praying Mantis.

      This page (hopefully but if not click the link for GARDEN VISITORS) shows some of the creatures that we've found in the garden and house, where we could we've put a CD near the insect to show it's size.


      I've got add this pic of a Cicada (which was on our front door screen)

      and this pic of a Saunders case moth in it's bug stage to add yet and I'm waiting for the Saunders case moth to come out of it's cacoon, it's now attached itself to my fence while it changes from bug to moth. I really hope it changes before I move, I so want to see it.

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      Great pics

      Wow those pics were great ,to look at i dont know if i will think so when i see them for real, i think i can cope with most things but bloody killer spiders :shock: I can see it now me, cam and the girls all in one bed :lol: But what an adventure!!!!
      Thanks for the pics :?

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      Hate spiders too and will be stocking up on bombs and bug spray :lol: :lol: :lol:

      The worst thing is we have always told Dawn there is nothing to be afriad of when she sees a spider and now we are having to re-educate her to leave them alone!!

      Lisa :D


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