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      Those Telly Questions Again !!

      Hi all,
      You'ld think after being on here for months now we wouldn't have to ask this question as we think its been answered many times before but carn't find the info :embarrassed:do our tellies(LCDs) and electical white goods work over there , is it worth putting them in the container ? and for anyone who's answered this before sorry but our minds are shot at with all of this and the wine of course
      Thanks Alot
      Debbie an Ste

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      All electrical items will work with the change of a plug, TV's are hit and miss some will work fine(usually newer ones), others you may only get picture and no sound.
      All TV's will work fine if you run them through an Australian VCR or set top box,


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      Thanks for that we knew we'd seen it before but couldn't remember. We will try not to be so stupid with our next questions , but we carn't promise !!!:embarrassed:
      Debbie an Ste

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      Check your instructions for yourDVD players and DVD Roms. They might not play region 4 DVDs in which case sell it and buy one over here.

      I didn't bring any of that stuff, bought new when I got here. You know the fridge/freezer we have in the UK? It's called an up-side-down one here because 99% are the other way around... weird or what!


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