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      Washing Machine and tumble dryer

      Hi All
      My washing machine is making a funny noise!!!!!!! I think It is about to die and the tumble dryer is 12 years old and is also on way out. So a question for those in Aus How much do they cost over their. I just want to know weather it is worth buying one their or getting one here and shipping. Any advice and Morgan will be eternaly greatfull

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      have a look on the good guys winter catalogue it will give you an idea of prices inoz. i think you maybe able to find cheaper myself

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      sorry about earlier message its actually good guys catalogue viewer

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      jill wright

      Thanks for that have enjoyed looking at it myself gives you a good idea of the price of white goods etc


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      My washing machine died a few months before coming.....so hubby found one for 10 in the local second hand paper. We used that for the time being and bought one when we got here, The cheapest was $699 but it came with a 5 yr warrenty on parts and labour!!!( which i think is great as a washing machine has never lasted that long ofr me!)
      As for the tumble drier I shipped my old one over and use it more here than i ever did in the uk. I think it is because there are no radiators or airing cupboards.
      Getting the heating in 2 weeks so might not have to use it so much then!


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