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      Home Insurance

      Hi Guys

      Im trying to arrange Home insurance and I have recieved 2 quotes 1 in the $600 range and 1 in the $300 range. Can you advise which seems more normal. I presume the $600 is all sing all dancing I still trying to find out what the basic includes. It seems as soon as I ask her for a more basic insurance she went cold on me. GrRRRRThe insurance is underwritten by QBE and the insurance company I got quotes from are called API

      Any help is really appreciated

      Kimberley x

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      you have to be careful with contents insurance and look deeper.

      Say you have lots of computer equipment (say $15G). You put that in the quote and they say nothing but when you come to claim they only insure a maximum of $10G. The same goes for clothes, furniture etc. Some work on percentages, 10% of the insured can be whitegoods, 5% computers, 15% jewellery, etc. It took me 10 quotes and hours of research to get the one that suited me. Even though the others souned like they would when you ask certain questions you find that they don't.

      You'll find the one for $600 may have taken into account something you listed separately or if you have something expensive in one area. The $300 one may not take these into consideration. The quotes are generally just a guide for them.

      I like QBE, I have my car & motorbike with them.


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