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      Mobile contract aimed at couples?

      Hi all
      The girlfriend and I are coming over in 6 months and we have heard that there are really decent options for mobile contracts where you gets 2 contracts in one, at a reduced rate. Has anyone had any experience? I'm really keen on getting the new iPhone 5 coming out. What could we expect to pay for that type of contract?

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      Hi there!

      They gave us that option in CrazyJohns www.crazyjohns.com.au.
      If you put two people on the same bill, you get two contracts, one at a reduced rate.
      They have brilliant signal coverage! And they do the typical free calls/free texts to other CrazyJohns users.
      They even chucked in two free cases and a $20 voucher to use in shop, for free!!

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      We use Vodafone - if you have two people on the same bill they give you a 10% discount. I don't think the iPhone 5 is out here yet, but as an example we have one of our (many!) iPhones on a $29 cap - and the iPhone4 costs as extra $11 per month on that plan - that has free Vodafone to Vodafone calls unlimited, and of course there is Viber for other people on iPhones. We have recently upgraded our daughter's plan to the $39 a month one, which has unlimited text messaging anywhere in Australia (ah teenagers, doncha love 'em!) Telstra has the overall best coverage anywhere, but their plans tend to be a bit pricier. Have a look on the www.vodafone.com.au website for any deals they are doing, or when you get here, go into one of the many phone shops there are in the shopping malls and have a chat. I have to say, the staff at Vodafone in Tea Tree Plaza have always been fantastically helpful to us.
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