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    Thread: Need suggestion regarding used cars

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      Question Need suggestion regarding used cars

      Hi All,
      Just started my life in Adelaide. Wanna buy a used car here first as I don wanna get involve any huge cost at the very beginning.

      Can you guys please suggest what should I go for and what(features and/or else) actually I should care about while buying a used car ?

      I was suggested once that I should go for Toyota as it has more resell value than the other models.

      Also, please suggest what are the other costs that I might take care of after buying the car.

      Thanks in advance.

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      First think about what you will be using the car for. If you will be driving around the city a lot, I would suggest an automatic as opposed to a manual. They cost a little more to buy, but hold their value a little more too. Toyota is a really well thought of make here, you will see loads around, which also means you will have lots to choose from. We have just bought a Mazda 2 which is also a very popular make here. Holden and Ford are the locally made (well, in Australia anyway) makes, so again lots of them around. Head to one of the garages (Main North Road, just out of the city has a lot in a small space!) and take a few different cars on test drives to get a feel for what you like and what you can afford. Consider whether you will need two or four doors, and how much boot space you will need. Bear in mind that here a dark car isn't as cool in the summer. You will almost definitely want something with air conditioning. If you are buying used, also consider the cost of repairs and spares. If you buy second hand you also have to pay government stamp duty, and you will need annual 'rego' - which includes basic third party insurance but you will need to consider if you wish to supplement this. There is no MOT as such, but if you are not mechanically minded, you might like to get the RAA to check out any car you are considering purchasing.
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