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    Thread: Monthly outgoings

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      Thanks for all the replies time to cheviot out

      Thank you kathy

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      Quote Originally Posted by Misplaced View Post
      It's a strange thing really the cost of things and comparisons.

      What I found was that where food was concerned you seemed to get more for your $. Looking at crisps/chips you got more in a bag than you do in the UK and the same applied to cans of pop. Eating out portions were bigger too.

      The fruit and veg was more expensive but looked fresher and I would say 90% was Australian grown. Utilities would seem to be more expensive but rates/council tax was more or less on a par. However, just from a roads point of view they were in much better condition than where I live in the UK.

      Cars are far more expensive but seem to last longer and there does not seem to be the pressure of 'Oh your car is 5 years old! Why haven't you bought a new one!!!'

      Clothes can be bought from Target at comparable prices to UK. Okay the quality is probably along the lines of Matalan but it is wearable and, well, I have never been a designer clothes sort of guy.

      I think all in all it is a swings and round a bout thing but Australia is probably just a little more expensive but not substantially more expensive. Once I get living I will probably change my opinion....lol 

      All just my humble opinion.
      And a very good one too,spot on
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      I actually don't think things are any more expensive. I know that sounds silly, because when you compare the cost of an item and it's clearly more costly in terms of the exchange rate, it seems to have blown my argument out of the water - but hear me out:

      - When you move, forget about pounds (). There is absolutely no point in saying, 'Whoa - a tomato here is 2!!'.

      - Most produce is Australian sourced and grown. This is fantastic I think.

      - You'll be earning $2.5k a month after tax (minimum wage, full time) and most people emigrating will have a job that pays them $3.5+ minimum per month. This is a much higher number than you'd be earning in the UK (For most people)

      - Our rental costs $400 per week. In the UK, our mortgage was just 600 - and we previously rented a place at 595. However, in terms of percentage of income, our rent is less here than our mortgage/rent was in the UK.

      - Percentage of income is the only method of really comparing what something actually costs you. The exchange rate is of no use when you're earning dollars. So yes, our house here costs $1,733 or roughly 100 but gee, it's actually cheaper because we're earning more doing the same job (and my partner hasn't even secured a contract yet). [Relatives don't seem to get this though!!]
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      Monthly outgoings

      Horses for courses. For us coming from surrey/hants border to Christie's beach the mortgage/rental is about the same. Earn a bit more here and seem to have more left over at the end of the month so for us it's roughly the same but with s much bigger house.
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