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      Adelaide's markets

      Hi all,
      the Adelaide showground farmers market is on Sundays.It in the Adelaide showgrounds in wayville on Goodwood Rd on Sundays. Here's the webbie for what stalls there are this sunday, 30th March.... http://www.asfm.org.au/31.0.html.

      Central Market in the city open Tues and Thurs ti 6ish. Fri til 9 and Sat til 3.
      This place is full of fresh food, gourmet stuff, cafes etc and most of the stalls start selling bundles of fruit n veg off from about 1-2 on Sat for $1 a bundle.

      Torrens Island produce markets. Port Adelaide Sunday 7am to about 1pm, get there early if you want fresh fish. http://www.postcards.sa.com.au/featu...nd_market.html. Don't mind the power station.

      Fisherman's wharf markets. Port Adelaide. Bric -a - brac, antiques, books, toys etc every Sunday and Public holiday. You really have to stick to the time limit or pay up again if you park in the car park because they are sticklers and come round with parking tickets. When we go here we usually park up the road in the shopping centre carpark for free and walk up.

      There also used to be a market on sundays in the drive in at Gepps cross.

      If you have never been to see a film at the drive in, it's worth a trip, while it's still fairly warm. i think it's about $20 per car. People take seats and food. It's the last one left in Adelaide.
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      Hi Rachel
      Had a look at those web pages and the markets sound great, can't wait to try them myself


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