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      Shopping delivery

      Are you able to get your weekly shopping delivered here like we can in the uk

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      I haven't found anywhere that does internet shopping - ie where you order your stuff over the web and then it is delivered, like Tescos or Waitrose.

      The web isn't well used here.

      However, if you go to Foodland, pay for your shop etc, and yuou can pay $5 to have it delivered that afternoon. It's great if like me you don't drive or are going on to a fab coffee morning and don't want to be rushing.


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      Bex & Nick
      Saw an advert on telly the other day for this:


      haven't used it myself....yet

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      Hi there,

      I just looked at bananablue for goats milk as we use plenty and compared the same brand with coles online (which does not deliver in SA, but just as a comparison) and it came out

      bananablue $4.28
      coles online $3.33

      Tried Cow's milk:
      Pauls pure organic f/f milk

      bananablue $2.84
      coles online $2.26

      Helga's wholemeal bread (850 gr loaf)
      bananablue $5.00
      coles $3.63

      It seems to me A LOT more expensive! What a shame...
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