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      another shopping question!!!

      Sorry but got another shopping question. Would anyone recommend on stocking up on clothes before coming out for ourselves and the kids as ive heard the kids clothes are really expensive and adult shopping not so good.xx

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      This question always makes me laugh! Not for the obvious reason but I think the clothes here are ok...........this from a Primark/matalan shopper.............I never bought anything from next in my life (had a jacket given to me once).
      When I first got here I thought $40 for a pair of combats!!!!!!!!!!!!!I only paid 12 in primark.
      You get over that soon after.
      The only things I find expensive is underwear (not bras) and they are not that good quality, i bought a pack of "holeproof" socks for hubby needless to say they were not holeproof!!!

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      It all depends really - if you like the UK clothing styles you may find local shopping centres lack choice (and style) but they're great for beachwear, which is (with a bit of luck) what we'll be wearing most of the time ;-)

      If you want anything that approaches style then head to the city - lots of quality gear in the bigger department stores, especially Myer and David Jones, and some great prices in the sales, even on big name stuff. The City is where you'll also find the smaller, boutique shops...

      Prepare to have some fun with sizes though - can be quite different to the UK!


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      yes I would definetly stock up on clothes. The shops here are rubbish more primark than marks and Spencer.

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      Thanks everyone that really helps:D


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