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      Question Removal

      How big a deal is it if you ship your American fridge freezer / Garden Furniture and toys Lawn Mowers Tents Bikes Vacuum Cleaners.
      Is it okay or a heap of hastle ?
      Scott UK

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      Toys and garden furniture have to be cleaned really well. We jet washed bikes and pastic toys e.t.c.
      American fridge freezer not sure as our freezer was old and we didn't take it.Not sure if it has to be nearly new due to the gasses e.t.c. another question to ask when you get the quote.
      Vacuum cleaners again have to be spotless.

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      We are taking our american fridge freezer with us as its only 18mths old no mention of it being a problem from any shipping companies so far. From what i remember we were told under about 7 years old is ok..... but dont quote me on that !!!
      As everything it has to be cleaned out really well and we were told it needs turning off and emptying a few days before so its completely dry, other than that no probs



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