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    Thread: Argh ants

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      Argh ants

      So, weather goes to pot and it rains a lot and those lovely little ants that normally live happily outside or only visit in relatively small numbers in the hotter months are suddenly moving in lock, stock and barrel. Came home today to find a very large trail of them over our living room carpet, through the dining room and into the kitchen. They were then camped out on the dog biscuits and heading across the kitchen worktops at high speed. Plus surrounding every single crumb on the kitchen floor (which looked pretty clean to the naked eye from up high).

      Didn't like to spray any killer stuff as the dog and fish are around. Anyways, turns out that the Earth's Choice multi purpose cleaner is a great way to deter and get rid of them.
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      Eucalyptus oil deters many pests inc vermin

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      I'm reminded of keeping an eye on a neighbour's house some years ago and watering the garden, and was shocked they'd gone on holiday leaving what would have been a beautiful uncovered chocolate cake on the kitchen table. It was covered in ants, in fact they were everywhere trailing through the house. I threw away the cake and got rid of the ants, but when the neighbours returned they were angry about something (strange people as we already knew), and they never spoke to us again. I'm wondering if they thought we had eaten the cake! Not long later they sold up and left.

      Hanging out washing on my big Hills Hoist was often a tricky exercise. Unless the concrete was too hot for ants, I needed to hose the area, otherwise I would have to dance up and down and stamp my feet trying to shake them off.

      That's one of the few advantages coming back to the UK, I can stand anywhere without worrying about ants or giving the Aussie salute because of flies. But I wish spiders would stay away from my windows and doors, I'm not allowed to install insect screens.



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