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      alan smallman
      Many thanks for the latest replies, guys :). It does seem a little worrying when shippers seem to be advising you to adopt certain approaches and others don't. I guess they need to cover their backsides when they give advice . Have you hammerited your tools yet, Ali? I was actually thinking (as I lay trying to get to sleep ) how one would actually go about that effectively . It'll be interesting to see what the shippers say when we appoint them (now that's a question I'll save for another day!)

      Once again, Cheers!


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      Nope, not done it yet, have 4 weeks until the big move and plenty weeds to get out of the garden before it's done.
      It's only the rusty stuff, that they've said to paint up again, my rake is more rust than metal, so I guess that's why he advised it!
      You hear a lot of horror stories, but mainly I think if you're sensible and it's all clean it'll be fine. Well I'm hoping so!


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      alan smallman
      When you think about it, maybe that does make sense for items such as that. Well Good luck with the weeding then Ali, and the eventual move! Let us know how you get on.

      All The Best



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