Hi Folks,and help!Shipping agent is coming in 48 hrs time,very stressful now,anyway what about surface rust on most of my tools,and 3 pin plugs on all my electrical appliances,did you leave them on?stereo etc?Also the ink in the printer,from experience once you leave a printer for a while with no ink cartridge in it,its knackered,dries up.All tips would be greatly appreciated.On top of all this our 16 yr old does not want to come,and is doing all he can to make our life even more stressful,if thats possible!Saying he wont come,wont let agents take his bike,wont pack his belongings,is not getting on the plane,and all the rest of the teenage tantrum type rubbish,now i know what real palpitations are!Hope well laugh about all this in a couple of years time,thanks and good luck yo you all,sue and billy.