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      Several boxes to move - little containers??

      Hi we are looking to move a few boxes to Adelaide, about 4 large tv size boxes, a 28" screen telly size, sorry for the unsophisticated measurements.

      I know some might say bring everything but the big things we have need replacing soon and we don't have a lot as we are in f/furnished at the minute. We want to take clothes, shoes (lots of!!) motor bike helmets, clothing, pictures, few kitchen bits n bobs, bedding etc. Not a huge amount.

      Any ideas on the best and cheapest way of shipping this stuff? Or would posting be better? How do you get one of those air freight boxes - the ones the size of a small shed lol more sophisticated measuring!!?

      Thanks a million.

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      Hi have a look at www.voovit.com they deal in small amounts ,we are not taking much just like youselves we need to replace most of our furniture and have decided to buy new once in Adelaide.We have note been it touch with them yet,still searching internet for more options,if i find any i will PM you the details.Good Luck.:GEEK:


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