Ok so I get frustrated that we're on an extremely tight budget and can't afford to buy organic stuff as we used to in the UK (not everything but some staples, milk, root veggies etc)
Anyway whilst shopping in my favourite fruit and veg store, was delighted to find a product called 'Safeguard Fruit & Veggie Wash' - removes harmful bacteria, dirt, waxes, chemical and pesticide residue that water alone can't wash away. You just pop a few squirts into half a sink of water, soak your fruit and veg for approx 30 seconds, then rinse before eating or preparing. BTW contains all natural ingredients and organic ingredients.
Cost: 750mls for $6.99
Where: Adelaide Fresh, South Road, Morphett Vale. (would imagine being able to get it in all their stores).
For anyone interested who pops into that particular shop to buy some, you'll find it on the shelf above the fresh toms, mushrooms and cucumbers etc.