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hi martin and val..yep,like everyone else said..bring everything you can fit in container...dont know if your pool hose will fit?i think most stuff is 40 mm here...and if you can,then bring the water out of pool also.ha...we havnt got any!! 3 years on and im still changing plugs...all our xmas decorations(were like the griswalds) are still on uk plugs..i have then got a couple of 6 gang uk extensions with an aussie plug on the other end..oh! and while i think,i havnt come across any 110 volt stuff here? i may be wrong tho?...good luck
Oh, Flip - I never thought of the xmas decorations, half of mine are on american plugs with UK adaptors - I think our Australian neighbours might have to take cover the fist xmas we are there, there could be fireworks!!!! The UK extensions are a good idea though may shove a couple of those in the box to see us through.

It's amazing the things you learn on this site, I love it!!

Sharron x