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      Question What Not To Take

      Question to all those Lucky enough to already be in Adelaide.

      Our container leaves our house on 17th Oct and we are currently going through the "What to take" and "What not to take" decisions.

      Has anybody shipped items over in their container to discover they shouldn't have bothered due to different fitments etc.

      Example of this:
      Will our swimming pool vac hose and head be any use in Australia? Is the pipework the same size as in UK?
      Is it worth bringing the BBQ?

      Thanks for the help

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      Sorry Martin and Val, not much of an answer to you, but interested in any responses that you get as we too are going through the same dilemma. Our container leaves on the 21st Oct.

      I'm thinking shall I take the kettle and toaster that are just about ready for replacing? or should I buy new ones before I go or should I wait, take neither and buy new over there??

      Normally I am quite decisive but now that the time is here, I seem to have become a questioning wreck!

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      HI Just a quickie, the plugs are different in Oz so unless you take travel adapters your electric equipment will be useless.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Carkyde View Post
      HI Just a quickie, the plugs are different in Oz so unless you take travel adapters your electric equipment will be useless.


      You can change the plug!!!!!

      If it's not broke bring it! - The little things soon add up.


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      LOL I didn't think of changing the plug! Doh!!!

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      Hi Guys,

      One thing you might consider leaving are wardrobes, the majority of houses have fitted ones of some description, electric items will work fine(TVs being the only grey area) with the change of plug and even fridges and freezers will work fine( just check they have no CFC gases).
      BBQ's if okay bring with you although you will be bringing " coal to Newcastle";),

      All the best


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      Bring the lot if it fits in the container, you can always chuck it out here.
      Its not the big items that cost a lot its the small ones that add up.

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      donna T
      Definitely bring everything if you have space in the container. Anything that you don't need once you are settled or that you decide to renew once here can be sold at a garage sale or bootfair. It is always good to have a spare kettle / toaster etc just in case.
      You bleed money when you first arrive replacing all those little things so any savings are a real bonus
      Donna x

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      Nicky, Alan and Kids
      Yep I agree bring as much as you can, we filled our container and so glad we did.

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      the staffords
      hi martin and val..yep,like everyone else said..bring everything you can fit in container...dont know if your pool hose will fit?i think most stuff is 40 mm here...and if you can,then bring the water out of pool also.ha...we havnt got any!! 3 years on and im still changing plugs...all our xmas decorations(were like the griswalds) are still on uk plugs..i have then got a couple of 6 gang uk extensions with an aussie plug on the other end..oh! and while i think,i havnt come across any 110 volt stuff here? i may be wrong tho?...good luck


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