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:)Something else to look at .......its ok having it all here when you arrive ......but it will mean all that time in the yuk living out of suitcases...!!!!. We did for a week which was bad enough, when you get here with out anything everyone else mucks in a lends you stuff its all part of the adventure...hard at times but you get by, we woulden't have done it any other way
Hiya Graham

We would be ok surviving without and you are so right about people lending a hand on arrival, I have already had offers of help which is great.
We are in a great position that we are moving in with my folks for 3months and they have a big house with everything we need plus beds and toys for the kids so we won't suffer.
To be honest we just cant wait to get everything packed up and sent, seems like we will be a step closer.
Also my folks live in walking distance to a pub and will be so desperate to get their hands on their grandchildren that we will have 3months of free babysitting!!!!
Thanks for advice though, we will probably be back on begging for stuff when our container sinks or gets stuck at customs, always the way!!