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      Would we regret going back to the UK?

      Hi everyone,

      Well me, my husband and two children have been here since October and we loved it when we first got here but as time has gone on we have found Australia to be increasingly expensive, especially as the wages are much lower than in the UK!

      Is anyone else feeling this too?

      I think we would stay here if the wages were more in line with the cost of living... but right now we are contemplating going back to the UK.

      We are in limbo now, we are so 50/50 as to whether to stay or go!

      Any advice or experiences would be grateful x

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      Quote Originally Posted by the4hopes View Post
      Easier said than done, we can't live on fresh air ha ha!

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      It's a tough one and I do feel for you.
      The first 6 to 12 months do seems expensive as all you seem to do is spend and replace what you had in the UK.Once that period is over the cost of living does seem more reasonable.

      I can only echo the thoughts that it can take up to 2 years to settle here..

      I've lived here 8 years now and would find it very hard to return and pick up the thread of my life in the UK again.

      Good luck with your decision,take plenty of time.:D


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