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      Please can some one shed some light on the subject of shipping?

      Dean and I are falling out about this one!!(i am losing my patience)

      Surely a container (or half of one) costs what it costs regardless of what goes in it?
      Why do we need some to come and give us a quote???

      Is it true you can't take wooden things? (I have never heard of anything so stupid in all of my life!!!)

      And finally how long do they take to get there?

      If anyone doesn't mind telling me how much they paid i would be very grateful???

      Please explain!!!


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      Looking at previous on this subject the quotes vary by thousands,....some wooden things they are not keen on and they might need to be treated......and it seems the removal companys have most of the answers you need...conclusion i think a few quotes are needed Cheers Graham

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      Hi Trisha

      When you have the shippers come for a quote they will tell you anything you cannot take. Wood is fine so long as it is treated - we have bought loads over and all came through fine :D

      The price for a container will vary slightly depending on how much packing is involved too - we had quotes from the same companies as friends both of us using a 20ft container and we never had the same price as both taking different 'volumes' of stuff.

      A lot of the companies will give you a guide but not a fixed quote without seeing your stuff - it is a good time to pick their brains too as they know the AQIS regs on cleaning outdoor stuff etc so worth having them round :)

      We used Allied Pickfords and it cost us 4250 for 20ft container (1150 cubic volume they somehow crammed in :o) including insurance. Our container sailed on April 20th, docked here May 29th and has cleared customs and quarantine and gets delivered tomorrow. So 7 1/2 weeks from sailing to delivery to our door - we were told it could be up to 12 depending on clearance time this end.

      It is good to get a few quotes in then play them off against each other - we saved over 800 by haggling!


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      I used Allied Pickfords as well as they gave us the most competitive quote and the service levels were really good.


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