We might have the option of moving into a rental place in a nice neighbourhood and for an unbelievably low cost per week.

Its literally a stones throw from where my partner works and as she is a nurse doing silly shifts it makes me feel better when she finishes at 11pm!

But even though we haven't viewed it yet we're thinking why is it so affordable. I.E. less than 200 bucks per week.

Air con or the lack of was one of our thoughts so I'm thinking...

Can't get aircon plumbed in for financial and probably pain the butt reasons (landlord permission etc) so we were thinking 'portable' aircon.

I know there will be pro's and cons but whats the craic with em..?

Anyone got any idea's of cost for a decent one?

What other factors do we have to consider?

Whats the deal with these 'exhausts' they come with...? Do we need to ensure we have window that opens close by??

We don't wanna melt but then we don't wanna be unprepared.