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      Blue Heeler
      Hey Liz.

      It might be ! Once I calmed down I got the client out and she brought all the family out as well to have a look at it. First time they had seen a snake in the wild and were taking heaps of photos. Then she asked me "what was I going to do with it" ?
      Apparently the babies have as much venom in them as the adults so with that in mind we got the snake catcher in and he took it away.

      What with redbacks nesting under the skimmer box lids and snakes inside - Pool Maintenance can be a hazardous job in Flagstaff Hill. The picture was taken in Renwick Street - backing onto a reserve.

      What did you do with your squatter ?

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      Can you believe we got the pool net with it's long handle!! and lifted it out and as we have a reserve at he bottom of the garden we through it over the fence.

      Possibly not the best thing to do!!! It will now grow up and come back another day!!



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