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      WE ARE UNDER OFFER....help needed about revovals please!! :o)

      Sorry to ask the same boring subject of shipping.......

      I understand there are probably people on this site that are from the Hants and Surrey Area, and have/or will be, booking their Removals, what i was wondering is which companies seem to be the most resonable priced?

      House is currently under offer...
      (much too mum and dads delight!!!):o

      Looking to fly out Beginning of September...

      Any replies and help will be much appreciated!

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      Smile Pss

      Hi S&C
      We have had a few quotes from International movers and PSS came out on top by a long chalk.The guy who came to give the quote gave us so much confidence in his company we knew right away they were the ones for us and his comment about PSS having the lowest insurance premiums because nobody ever claimed against them swung it for us.
      Also they use one of the really big shipping lines, P&O Maersk, to get your container over there, that wont drop it in the sea off Branscombe Beach.
      We were quoted about 3.5K for a 20ft container 5.5K for a 40ft and that includes all the packing/unpacking storage delivery etc.
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      Sorry I can't help with your question about removals because ours were sorted out for us by the Air Force but because I'm still a cheeky Brit at heart I'm asking you if there is any chance you can bring me a heater over in your removals? something along these lines please http://www.mobilegas.co.uk/mobileheater/index.htm
      I've searched everywhere here for one but can only find really small one's which take the small gas bottles about the size of a large can of hair spray, I'm after the kind that takes a large gas bottle, the kind that the gas bottle sits in the back of the heater making it easy to wheel from room to room.

      Good luck with the removals.

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      hi sarah,we live in manchester and are using britannia,you will find them all over the uk.have charged us 2090.00 for a 20ft container

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      We had quotes from Allied Pickfords, John Masons, Dorree Bonner, White & Co, Britannia and Bishops.

      We went with Allied Pickfords in the end as they dropped their price to match a lower quote and have offices in both the UK and Adelaide plus do their own insurance so no third parties to deal with. Container arrived last Wednesday and cannot recommend these guys enough. Both in UK and Adelaide the packing and unpacking team were great and worked really hard :)

      We paid 3700 for 1150 cubic volume in a 20ft container. Was not the cheapest but the ones we had the most faith in ;)



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