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    Thread: Where to live?

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      Rob and Clare
      Quote Originally Posted by julie-ruth View Post
      they get a lot of mozzie's there as part of it is built on swamp land but unsure if its different to anywhere else that has water near it,
      I've heard all this too, and whilst it's true about the swamp, it's also true much of the adelaide plains were swamp at some point, Mawson Lakes was drained over 30 years ago to make pasture land.

      As for the mozzies I'm not sure if there are more or not, but on an episode of Better homes and gardens once, some people filled in a swimming pool to make a pond for fish and plants (why you would anyone do that, but i suppose it's more ecologically friendly), anyway the guy asked about mozzies and apparantly biting mozzies don't breed in moving water or deep water. The main breeding ground for mozzies are man made, plant pots, swimming pools and gutters (warm still water).

      I guess wherever everyone chooses to live the reasons should be sound and practical for their own circumstances, not based on old wives tales.

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      My husband is going to be based at Parafield Airport.

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      Quote Originally Posted by caoimhe View Post
      Hi Sam,
      A lot would depend on where your husband is working, you have mentioned a few areas in the north so I gather that may be were he will be based. Mawson Lakes is lovely be most of the houses have very little or no gardens so having 2 young kids it may not be for you, I know I wouldn't go there but again that's because I have 4 kids and a garden is important to me. I don't know anything about Evanston Park and Andrews farm is nice, in fact I think IanB on here lives there.
      If it is the North were your hubby will be working than could also consider the following area, all are lovely and quite near where you have mentioned
      Salisbury Heights
      Salisbury East
      Golden Grove
      Wynn Vale
      Redwood park
      Banksia Park
      Fairview Park
      There are more but I can't think of the names of hand get a suburb map and look around these areas and you should be ok
      Good luck

      Any of the above, plus Mawson Lakes, and Highbury, Dernancourt, Hope Valley, Vista, Tea Tree Gully, all within good commuting distance to Parafield Airport.

      When are you hoping to arrive?

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      Thanks for all of your replies they have been a great help. We are really looking forward to moving out in June and no doubt will have lots more questions before we do.



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