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      Clare Robinson

      Red face Are there alot of Flies in and around Adelaide.

      Hi, We have never been to Adelaide. We have been told by friends that there are lots of flies around certain areas in Austrlia (they visited Sydney). Could you please clarify whether this is the case in Adelaide? Thanks Very Much

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      yes there are flies in Adelaide.
      Spring is worse i reckon.
      The city isn't too bad.

      Anyway why worry about flies, have you seen the mozzies?

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      Clare Robinson
      Oh why are there loads. I get bitten by anything everything. Are the flies unbearable? I know there are flies everywhere but this friend has said it just got on their nerves as there was so many.

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      your OK once you have developed "The Twitch"

      If you don't mind eating, drinking, walking, swimming, sitting outside with them then they are not that bad!

      The Mozzies aren't bad they only come out late afternonn, at least it give a reason not to donate blood!


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      Clare Robinson
      ok. Not sure hubby will be too chuffed he hates them, and I hate the Mozzies! Is there anywhere apart from the city that is better than anywhere else. This really will irritate us. Is it just South Australia or everywhere? I am not sure the twitch sounds too attractive either! What attracts the flies or is it just the climate? Thanks for your help. Clare

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      There is nothing that attracts them really, and they are everywhere!!! I went to Brissie a couple of years ago and the flies were nowhere near as bad there. I am seriously considering one of thoe stupid hats with the fly nets around them or the ones with corks.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Libby1971 View Post
      stupid hats with the fly nets around them
      When we were in Adelaide a couple of years ago we did not notice many flies at all. It was just like a lovely summer day in the UK (albeit about 40 degrees) so some flies, but not loads. It was a February.

      We headed north to the Red Centre and were very pleased we had been recommended to get one of those stupid hats!! They may look odd, but after a while we really did not care what we looked like... At least we could walk around without flies in our face, eyes, mouth, nose... We even perfected the art of drinking through them - did not manage to figure out eating through the mesh though! :v_SPIN: At some points we gave up eating because it was too complicated to swat flies and eat at the same time - or had breakfast at stupid o'clock before the flies were out of bed... I have to point out that this was a camping trip though - all part of the experience!!


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      Travel slightly North to Port Augusta, or over to the Riverlands berri or renmark way.
      Jump out the car and then start twitching LOL

      Like i said before they are worse in spring, they don't seem to bad now, they can smell a BBQ from 10K away!

      You get used to chewing them after a while

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      Quote Originally Posted by Clare Robinson View Post
      Hi, We have never been to Adelaide. We have been told by friends that there are lots of flies around certain areas in Austrlia (they visited Sydney). Could you please clarify whether this is the case in Adelaide? Thanks Very Much
      I would be more worried about the drop bears they sit in trees and wait to you are directly underneath and drop on you, far more pesty than flies, or its the killer kangaroos that wait in the Bush and Jump out at you and start Boxing.;)

      Really flies can be a problem in spring after a good rain but after that they are gone.This year in particular they were bad.
      We were out all over the Easter weekend, especially eating out and only had a couple of flies soon killed them with a swatter.

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      The fly issue is not a reason to avoid Adelaide. My folks bought a car and travelled Oz and they did report that flies were a major problem in some areas.
      The houses have fly screens on the doors and windows. Aussie flies are strange to me! I lived in South Africa for a few years and the flies there like food! Here they prefer your mouth, eyes, ears and nose.! To be honest...the fly "problem" is not that severe. There are days when they are abundant but those days are the exception...or at least where we stay in the South. That's not to say that some days are not real bad, or at least some areas (beach during certain days for example).
      There are sprays like Fly Off which work quite well.
      Don't stress...the spiders and snakes will kill you long before the flies do!!
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