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      Where can I buy

      an extending rail for a wardrobe so that my girls can reach their clothes. The rail at the moment is too high for them. I have one coming in my container that I bought from Bloomin Marvellous but I have tried Ikea children's and they don't have them. So any ideas anyone?



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      TC for short
      Measure the gap that you want to put the rail in. Go to Bunnings/Mitre10/friendly plumber etc & get a piece of copper pipe of that length minus a couple (literally 2 or 3) of millimetres. Get two "bucket" supports of the right diameter for the pipe to sit in at either end. Screw the buckets to the inside wall of the wardrobe at the right height for your girls & drop the pipe in. It'll be a lot stronger than an extending pole.

      I'm also sure there's someone on here with a bit of pipe to spare...?

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      Hi TC,
      Thanks for that , but I'm in a rental and can't touch the walls. Maybe I could get some S shape butchers hooks and some chain etc, will have to think about it


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      TC for short
      That would work. Or a couple of stools?!

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      Yes stools would work but my girls are toooooo lazy!


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