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      Desperately seeking employment

      Hi, I've been living in Adelaide with my partner for over a month now. She is working in full-time employment and I'm looking for work. I've applied for over 50 jobs and don't seem to be getting anywhere. I've tried all of the usual employment websites, registered with numerous recruitment agencies and handed my CV round various shops.

      I'm a fully qualified town planner with nearly 4 years experience working for a local authority in Scotland. I also have customer service experience. I am desperately seeking something as I will be returning home in a couple of weeks if I don't get anything.

      I'm willing to consider anything so if anybody knows of any work or can put me in touch with someone I would greatly appreciate any help.



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      Unfotunately nothing ever happens quickly here in Adelaide.
      Have you tried visiting the places where you sent your cvs. Often when employers see you face to face you stand a better chance of getting a job.

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      WE have been here foir four months my oh is a chartered surveyor and he has just started a job, so we feel settled now. It is very stressful but stick at it. Our advice is email your cv to companies direct especially companies in your field research the whole internet for companies. Have you looked at sa gov job vacancies website there might be something there or look up all the different local authorities sometimes you find vacancies there. It is really just getting your foot through the door. Stick at it and we are sure you will be successful and it would be a shame to let go of your dreams, because things seem to take that bit longer in Adelaide Best of luck, we are sure it will happen for you

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      Are you applying for govt jobs? And are you doing selection criteria - and if so, are you familiar with that process?
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      If you haven't already done so, might be worth a phone call to the LGA offices, or call in and chat to the Receptionist and ask her/his advice (their office is in Hutt Street) - they kind of oversee all 68 Local Government Authorities in South Australia, so might be able to point you in the right direction. I think it's always better to get people to see you as a real person, rather than just a name on a piece of paper or email, so although it's a bit nerve-wracking, and you have to be prepared to be fobbed off I guess, it can't do any real harm to try the face-to-face thing.

      Good luck.
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      cornish Busdriver
      Gday Kenny.
      You didnt mention what type of visa your on Temp or PR.
      If PR !!! have you thought about bus driving, money aint great but still pretty good for sitting on yer ass all day lol lol lol.



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