Hello everyone,

For those already out their living the dream good on ya, for those looking to live the dream good look.
This is my first post and hope their are people out their who can offer advice. We came over Feb 2010 for a fortnight and fell in love with Adelaide, lifestyle culture and the optimisim of the place.
I am a technical engineer for British Gas going around fixing boilers, fires, cookers, warm air units and systems etc for the domestic market in the UK.
When we were over there in S.A we had a look at a couple of new builds in Victor Harbour that utilised Green Energy/solar hot water systems. I am particually interested in the solar hot water sector of the industry and would really appreciate any pointers as how to get into the green sector or really just any pointers as how to approach companies who may be looking out for gas engineers.
Any information would really be appreciated.
Applied for TSA Jan 2011

Heard nothing as to date