Hi all,

Tim here. My company is Profluent Solutions.

I specialise in Online Marketing and Social Media Strategies. In normal English, that means I help your business to find new customers with effective use of the internet as a promotional medium.

I can help with getting your business listed in search engines, website design, Facebook Business Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Video marketing, Presentations, Press Releases, etc, etc ... even little, but important, things like getting an effective e-mail signature.

As a Proud Pom and relatively recent arrival in Adelaide, I know how difficult it is to get a business off the ground here. I'm offering MASSIVE discounts (and probably even a few FREEBIES here and there) to anyone from Poms In Adelaide who wants me to help with marketing their business.

Don't waste money marketing your business the wrong ways.

Contact me for a chat about your business on timbodman@profluentsolutions.com or www.profluentsolutions.com or www.facebook.com/profluentsolutions or PSTimB on Twitter or just reply to this post


PS - COME ON Team GB in the London Olympics!!!