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      mancs in oz

      Gas/Plumber licence to work in adelaide

      Hello everyone we need some help!!! PLEASE can anyone tell us or does anyone know anything about this exam Gasfitters/plumbers have to now do in the uk before emigrating over to Oz, so that when they get here they have all the certificates ready to show buisness of consumer affairs and they are capable of doing the job and then be able to transfere there uk certificates over to Australian licence, the full licence?

      1 - what is the course called
      2 - where does the course/exams take place
      3 - how do we get in touch with them
      4 - how much will it cost
      5 - how long does it take to do the course, pass the exam
      6 - does it get you a full unresricted licence once you transfere it over? ie- can you do all Gas and plumbing work, sign jobs off, and or work for yourself?
      Thanks Mike and Gill

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      If you are moving to Adelaide, it is not worth doing anything in the uk beforehand, just bring all your certificates, ie city and guilds, qualifications ( corgi stuff is pointless) You then have to physically go in to Office of Consumer and Buisness Affairs ( licensing) in the city and have a chat, you may get a plumber/gas fitter license, and this is the important bit, you will either be "under supervision of plumbing worker" this is useless, because to an Adelaide plumbing company you are an apprentice, and you will not get a start, You may get a license that says "under technical direction of a plumbing worker" This will get you in the door for an interview( maybe) These wordings are exactly the same for the gas license as well.
      The main point is you wiil have to do extra training once you get to Adelaide, there is no getting away from this, the new migrants course for plumbing (only) is 40 hrs (five fridays), I think this is getting extended.
      Depending on who you speak to at licensing, it may be your lucky day, do not bother e-mailing them, they are in the dark, because the goalposts keep getting moved regarding plumbers.
      Work is very tight in Adelaide at the moment.
      As for working for your self, it will take about 300 hrs part-time ( extra college work)spread over 2-3 years before you could get a contractors license, and for some this is too much.
      If you are coming as a plumber, be prepared for a struggle, it is worth it in the end but you will only earn $25-$30 per hour.
      If you need any info. let me know, i am a plumber and i have been coming here for about 15 years on and off and i am quite friendly with the guys at the TAFE ( this is college, where you will have to eventually)
      Do not bother with Vetasses in the UK, again it means nothing here to licensing.
      Hope this helps

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      Forgot to say if you need any more info, e-mail me on bobbyagua@hotmail.com,
      Regards Rob

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      mancs in oz
      Thanks Rob for your advice much appreiated


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      Quote Originally Posted by mancs in oz View Post
      Thanks Rob for your advice much appreiated


      Regardless of your Plumbing Qualifications your license will be the 'under supervision of plumbing worker', until you do the course, then you will move up to the 'under technical direction of a plumbing worker', this course only starts when enough people have enrolled, I have been waiting now for 8 weeks for it to start. The other way is to take the skills assessment in the UK before you arrive, this, as far as I'm aware, will enable you to go for the Contractors licence straight away, but involves doing a business course at TAFE which costs around $4000.

      Paul Hebbard at TAFE will guide you through the process, but until you have completed the course your license will be 'Under supervision of a plumbing worker', you have to explain to prospective employees your situation and give them Pauls details for verification of you plumbing skills.

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      mancs in oz
      Thanks that is really helpful, will look into the uk skills assessment test?

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      hi my husband is right in the middle of this so i can tell you exactly what the situation is. skills assessment in the uk prior to coming is not reconised as pushing you forward to acieve a licence they have no conection with this assessment(there words to us as we has the skills assessment!) your previous experience and or qualifications only and i mean only allows you the first part under direct supervision the same as an apprentice(husband found this terrible as he had his own bussiness in uk!) you will need to do the 6 weeks course which as of march have been made longer and harder (told by paul hebard of tafe) my husband has done this and this give you the second part of licence so you can work for a company the 3rd part called the masters is a 2 year course andthis gives you the ability to work for yourself!(husband needs to enroll now!) yes a ,long process and is very fustrating but stick with it im sure it will be worth it in the end!

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      Plumbing license

      Iím currently in the process of applying for a RSMS visa. My agent has asked me to start looking at doing my Vetasses in London. This is currently not a requirement for this visa but he thinks the DIAC will move the goal posts on this visa due to the fact this is a licensed trade. So if I start applying now with vetasses for my assessment it could prevent any delays in the future. If possible I would like to skip this step for two reasons. The assessment is very expensive and the next dates are not available yet for 2010. My question is will my skills assessment guarantee me my license or is it better to bring all my qualification papers and references to Adelaide and present it the plumbing board and see if they grant me a license. Iím off to Adelaide early next year for a holiday anyway so I could visit the plumbing and draining board then. I donít plan to work for myself I have a company sponsoring me. Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks mike


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