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      Question Any installation electricians in adelaide?

      Hi all

      would like to hear from any installation electricians already in OZ.

      Whats it like working there, hows the wiring & techniques different?

      What can i expect to earn??



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      There are not that many PIA members over here yet so may be a while to get a reply :D

      Welcome to PIA


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      whilst im not an installation spark, i can give u some pointers. u will most probally have to do a course and regs exam most probally take about a week and costs $374 this is compulsory and will find it almost impossible to get a job without a license, the course will point out all the differences in the regs or at least show u where to look up the info u need. money well u will be better off going for roxby downs to do installation work at the olympic dam mine and process plant expansion if u want the big bucks u will need to to know about industrial installations ie 3 phase, or u can stay in adelaide for the normal stuff. i think wages would be about 50-60k in adelaide going up to about 85-plus in roxby[

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      Dont think i want to go to roxby downs, ill take my chances in adelaide. is 60k enough to live comfortably? i am self employed in uk and earn a fair bit, im worried about the pay drop. Im not money orientated, i just want enough to give my family a comfortable life.

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      60k is a decent wage in Adelaide u may get more,or less i dont think you can compare wages from the uk to australia its all different smaller wages, cheaper houses, smaller mortgages whatever u get u live to your means
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      Pete L

      Regs course

      ;)Hi I have now gained my visa and we are coming to Adelaide in October 07 .I need to find out where and when I can do the course .Does anyone know or can recomend a place I can do this course and also where I can obtain the required books and any web sites which can help in learning the Regs.

      I hope to be able to do it when we visit but it maybe a tall order.

      Has anyone done the course and is it the same as the Regs course in the UK?

      Can't wait to get there :D

      Many thanks Pete and family


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