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      Question Calling all Primary Teachers

      Hi everyone, I am coming out on the SIR visa so I need a permanent teaching job sooner rather than later.
      Has everyone who wants to teach permanently managed to do so ?

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      Hi, I'm not a teacher but we have a friend in Adelaide who has just posted us the latest paper (well it was when it left Australia) containing the employment section.

      There are loads of jobs for teachers - Murray Bridge - Year 5 & 7 teacher (website for info - www.stjomb.adl.catholic.edu.au ), Christian College (years reception - 12) have adverts for maths, science, pastoral care, PE, Loads of casual positions across adelaide.

      Some contact details are- 8468 8021 -(don't no area codes etc) - Teachers & Childcare Agency

      www.switchrecruitment.com.au - seeking teachers of all types

      Teachers Rec - Y12 - required in all suburbs - DECS, Catholic & Independent schls - 8468 8021

      Hope this helps the research a bit


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      Thanks for all the info Sarah, Kathy having a bit of a " What if " moment.
      We have seen switch recruitment on prev threads, so they will be on the early e-mail list.

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      Hi Kathy
      Your best bet is probably supply work, however, they are recruiting now for 2008 starts. It works in a priority system where you need to have worked out in the 'Country' or in a disadvantaged school before you are allowed to apply for any jobs in Metropolitan Adelaide (which stretches from Alldinga to Elizabeth). I am doing the equivalent of a PGCE over here at Primary level and can say that there is a definate shortage of good supply teachers. I have spoken to a few who say they are regularly getting 4 to 5 days work easily. You'll have no problem finding work, permanent contracts though may be a bit tricker to start with.

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      Thanks for the info, I know that the points system operates. As you say supply will be the best route for me and hopefully a contract eventually.
      I it wasnt for the visa I would be more than happy doing supply.

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      My husband is a primary school teacher. He has had quite a bit of relief teaching through Switch.

      Alot of the jobs advertised in the papers are the private schools and colleges, most of which are Christian and ask you to give a pastor or priest as a reference. Alot of jobs ask you to be a Christian, preferably in that denomination, as a member of a eucharistic community.

      This has hampered our efforts to secure permanent work but we have been working. We have had alot on lately and haven't pursued our DECs applications but we are about to do that so things should develop from there.

      Good luck


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      Hi Libby
      Do anything for a job. looks like I will be going to Church then ! Seriously thanks for the info I am more than grateful

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      Have you noticed the catholic schools pay $80 a day less than normal schools for relief teachers ???/

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      I feel she will be steering clear of Catholic Schools then. Wonder what the do with the money that they are saving !!!!!!!!


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