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      Secondary Teaching - What subject?

      I am currently a secondary teacher 11-18yrs in England teaching Religious Studies/Citizenship/Sociology. I will be applying for permanent residency next month but am concerned about what subject I would be able to teach in an Adelaide secondary school. Would struggle to find a job? Looking at various websites it looks as though the subjects in Aus school are different to here in the UK!!

      What are my best options? Thanks

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      Hi David,
      Your subjects all come under the umbrella of S&E(Society and Environment) for lower middle school or SOSE (Studies of Society and Environment) for middle/upper school, so you should be ok. Like the UK, subject shortages seem to be Maths and Science. Good luck.
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      Hi, I have simliar concerns - I know some of the schools teach Psychology and I assume Business studies - just wondering what the job situation is like at the moment. I have applied to a few agencies and will be doing my obligatory day courses when we arrive on an extremely limited budget due to the housing crash :( - Kinda getting more worried closer to departure time.


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