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    Thread: I've just got a proper Job! Yeeeeee Haaaaaa

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      Dave & Carole

      See they say good things come to those who wait!!!

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      HUGE Congratulations!!! Looks like getting some temp work to get your foot in is well worth it. So glad things have worked out for you.
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      Good Family, Woodcroft
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      Smile Thank you

      Thank you for all the replies and messages Iíve received. Good luck to all those currently looking. Be prepared it can take months but donít get down hearted something will come along in the end it just takes time.
      In our opinion being here is worth it and once you get that position itís the icing on the cake.

      Personal thanks:
      Cheers Mik, Certainly is a huge relief not quite the lotto but it feels like it.
      Thanks Mandy, I donít know about deserve it but did need it.
      Thanks Jacqueline, Stephen and co, Networking is so important and in the end it comes up trumps.
      Thank you Joanne & Ged.
      Thanks Susan, I think I had more than a glass or two! Hic cup!
      Many thanks Jim & Adel for your very kind words. Iím really canít wait to start now.
      Thanks Lea.
      Thank you Barry & Daphne, yes we will see you for that drink soon. It wonít be long now.
      Many thanks Sue, I hope Iíll ďbe rightĒ I will give it 100% for certain.
      Hi Diane, Luckily I wonít have anything to do with building it but I will look after it for when we all retire! Thank you.
      Thanks Ian, when I started with Centrelink I very nearly ended up at Pulteney Street but in the end I was sent elsewhere. Shame we could have had a drink at lunch time otherwise.
      Thanks Alexis, James and the clan, Hope your settling in OK. Are you in the new house yet?
      Thanks Cazzie, Hope all going well with your course. Enjoy your holiday and when you get back maybe we could all catch up.
      Cheers Pete, Your right with what you say mate. Take any job at first it gives you an Aussie reference.
      Thank you Kim & Peter, still here just looking in from time to time.
      Thank you Bill, how you feeling now? On the mend I hope must catch up soon.
      Thanks Jo and Tom, Itís not easy at the moment and there is no magic solutions but as Pete says take anything at first and then keep looking.
      Hi Jane, thank you for your kind words.
      Cheers Howard, I think perseverance is the answer. Good luck with the move, many thanks.
      Thank you Carole and Dave, spot on with your words.
      Many thanks Emma, Graham and Grace, Yes itís been said before temp work to get you started does help along with the all important networking as they call it now.


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