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      Nurse Training Course

      My daughter is thinking of doing nursing I have contacted Flinders for her and been sent the relevent info on this, we have PR visas, she is 18, if she decides to start her nursing course here in the UK for one year, is it possible to carry on the other 2 yrs in Flinders or would she have to start from scratch? were just getting all possible info before she decides, the reason we are asking this is because we wont be coming back to adelaide till prob next year, and she could leave school now were she is not happy doing A levels and just start her course! she has completed 1 st year of A levels already.

      thanks for to anyone who can advise


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      Not sure, unis do give credit for study already done if it fits in with their pattern of study. Bear in mind also you will have to pay her Hecs fee up front as she is not a citizen. On a PR these fees are the same as citizens pay and for nursing are about $4-5000 a year. So if she can get one year done and accepted then it would be 1 years worth less of fees to pay here.
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      Thanks for that, yeah I know about the fees etc, I have a friend working at Flinders on Admin, my daughter was initially going to attend for the paramedics course, but shes not sure now with wether to go for the nursing instead, shes driving me mental about it all. Plus there is a way to get a student loan soem banks offer loans its a gov initiative for students,a s she cannot qualify for a normal UK student loan, so we will go down the other alternative route available for her.Thanks again.



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