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      The Blaxlands

      Jobs in Adelaide!

      Hi All

      I'm fairly new to this site and this will be the first thing I have posted! After over a year it seems we may have a buyer for our house in UK so could be on our way to Adelaide by the end of the year if not sooner but one thing worries us and that is finding work.

      Can anyone tell us what the job situation is really like at the moment? My husband is a Landscape Gardener, currently working as a Team Leader in the City of London, and I work evenings at a local supermarket and in a school at lunch times. We're not shy about work and will do any work until the right job comes along.

      Any advice would be a bonus


      Sue and Gary Blaxland

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      sue and gary, i understand u r a landescape gardener, r u in Adelaide now settled down etc? if so were abouts are you?
      because i am also a gardener, me and my family will be moving to glenelg [to start with]if you are gardening now i would love to hear
      from you.Or indeed if no of any gardeners looking to employ. Thanks Adam and family.

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      The Blaxlands
      Hi Adam

      We've been in Adelaide now for 19 months and live in Hallett Cove just up the road from Glenelg. Gary is currently working for Charles Sturt City Council but before that was working as a casual gardener for Adelaide City Council. He hopes eventually to work for himself but I need to get a permanent job first! Gary has advised that when you get here to register with Skilled recruitment agency as they will at least be able to get you casual work until you decide which direction you want to go. There are loads of self employed gardners here and some people have franchises with companys like Jim's Mowing or VIP. When do you hope to arrive in Australia? I can send you our phone numbers if you like and you can give us a call when you get here. Have you been to Adelaide before? If you want our numbers I'll send them in private email.


      Sue and Gary

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      arrival time

      we will be arriving in Adelaide on the 12th of november, i hope the time of year does not hamper
      me finding work.
      I have been to Adelaide before but a while ago and things change alot, if i could take your phone numbers and
      email address that would be great.
      How far is hallet cove from glenelg roughly?

      We are from Guernsey so everywhere in aussie is going to seem a long way!
      Thanks for getting in touch Adam.

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      Gary and Sue
      its Adam and family, our address is adamdorey@cwgsy.net any other info u can give us like other
      gardeners u no of would be invaluable.
      thanks Adam.

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      might not be wise to go posting your email address for everyone to see.



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