Hi to all, just arrived in Adelaide and absolutely loving it so far. Landed on 06/06/09 and don't want to go back already lol. looking for some help/advise regarding employment for telephone engineers. I have looked at some older threads but have not been able to find too much info. Any engineers who are working in Adelaide who are able to help me in any way with regards to getting employment either full time or subcontracting it would be very much appreciated. I worked for BT for 18 years, 10 years as ug/overhead construction/faultsman jointer, 5 years works allocator and 3 years broadband diagnostics. any info would be great email shaunferguson@bigpond.com or ring mob 0406798666 . I have applied to telsra,bigpond and optus but got knock back from optus saying i did not meet the criteria so not a good start but not giving up yet !!!
thanks shaun