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      The Francis clan
      Hi Joanna,
      Glad to hear you're getting some good feedback-I vaquely remember my final year-complete nightmare!but trust me it's all worth it in the end-will keep you updated-our main hold up is saving those pennies,so at this rate you could be out there before us !


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      I can't imagine you will have any problems getting a job, even on a graduate programme. I am a RN (Child) and we are hoping to go to adelaide in April time. I have just registered with the Nursing board of South Australia and discovered that I do not need to get skill assessed by the ANMC aswell which will save a few pennies! I emailed hospitals with a copy of my CV and have had interest from them. Flinders which is where I wold like to work have told me to get in contact when I have my visa and they will set something concrete up about a job which is good. They confirmed what I had been told about not having to do the ANMC skill assessment once registered.

      Hope that helps and good luck with the rest of your training


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      Just Go For It - A Future In The Nhs Or A Future In The Sunshine - Toughie That One But I'm Sure You've Already Decided!
      I'm A Nurse Too And I Have Just Discovered Yesterday That One Of My Mates Is Wanting To Go To Perth, But Like Me, Said Nothing At Work For Fear Of The Boss Finding Out - At Last I Can Talk To Some One At Work, As Can She!!

      Keep Persevering, I'm Still Waiting For My Assess. From The Anbsa And It Is Killing Me - Good Luck

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      nickey and neill
      hi joanna,

      i too have just finished my 2nd year of nursing diploma.start final year in september! we are moving out hopefully next oct 2008. i am finishing my course first and we are going out on my husbands skilled visa. i wont have any post grad experience before i get there but have been in contact with flinders medical centre and the royal adelaide hospital. they both do the graduate programs which sound perfect for me as we would supervised for the first year. personally that is what i would prefer as i am not familiar with the aussie health system! i got very positive responses from them. they both have websites where you can download application forms etc. pm me if u need any more info. im sure you prob already know about the sa board of nurses....we can apply to them as soon as we have our nmc registration! good luck with the rest of your course. its nice to see that someone is in exactly the same situ as me!!!!
      let me know what u end up doing!

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      I'm on my way to Adelaide tomorrow night got a job at the RAH APPLIED THROUGH www.genevahealth.com.au they were great NO COST found me a job i have 3 years experiences in Mental Health

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      jeannie oxford
      hi joanna

      we are off to adelaide for a reccie in feb for 3 weeks. we employed an agent in nov and are applying for permanent residence, should take around a year apparently. just waiting for huby's TRA to come through then on to next stage -hopefully. we prefer to do it this way as it gives us time to sell up and for the family to get used to the idea. we could get there a lot quicker if we went via a sponsored visa but prefer to do it this way.

      we live near buxton but im originally from littleborough! my family still live in littleborough, hurstead and rochdale. in fact we are over at the bellavista for a meal on saturday for my 40th birthday! My dad is a driving instructor from l'boro -jack taylor?

      ive been qualified as a nurse for 4 years, working at stepping hill in stockport as a gynae nurse. not too worried about what i do over there as long as its nursing. dont know if they accept newly qualified as it doesnt affect me so never really taken much notice. my sis in law is a student nurse at huddersfield, she lives in l'boro.

      we are staying in huntfield heights but am planning to visit as many of the hospitals as poss while we are there to get a good feel of them. we'll have a tight schedule for 3 weeks! hubby's going to look round at job possibilities(welder) and we'll check out different areas for us to settle and schools for Jake (11) too. we were originally going to just do it - sell up and go! but common sense prevailed and we decided to give adelaide the once over - too far to go to realise we made a mistake! its not going to be cheap but im sure it will be worth every penny.

      This forum is great by the way. we are hoping to meet up with loads of people we have been in contact with on it for a coffee or a cold one!

      take care and good luck with everything

      jeannie x

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      Hi both my hubby and I both work in nursing - hubby is an ICU nurse and I am a midwife. You should have no problems getting onto one of the graduate programmes here. Andy worked with a guy the other day (whilst doing an agency shift at Flinders who was on the graduate programme - he was working in ICU). As salaries go in Adelaide, a nursing salary (in my opinion) is pretty good and there is LOTS of agency work around that pays well (better than the UK!). I am still waiting for my registration (I did my nurse training at Birch Hill Hospital and my nursing school doesn't exist anymore - its taken the NMC at least 3 months to find me something!) Joanna I guess you are training at Rochdale, living in Littleborough (I know it well - and a lot of the people I trained with live and work in Rochdale!). We have bought land at Aldinga and are planning to start building this year sometime:D hopefully! We are renting in Seaford Rise at the moment. I would suggest that maybe you look South. Certainly the closer you get to the city the more expensive the houses become (IMO). If you are able to come out on a PR visa rather than a sponsored visa then I would suggest that you do this. We applied for PR independantly without the help of an agent and found the whole process to be pretty straightforward. I dont know whether this would be the case for you as you would need sponsorship on the graduate programme I guess.

      Good news is nurses in Adelaide were granted a 16% pay rise over the next 3 years and last night on the news Kevin Rudd was banging on about needing to get more nurses into practise (there is even talk about paying ex nurses $6000 to return) which makes it even more likely that you will be offered a job and like I said there is LOTS of work around!

      Good Luck if I can help in anyway let me know

      There are two lasting bequests that we can hope to give our children - one of those is roots: the other is wings!

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      Amie Briggs
      Hello Hannah
      Have read with interest all your advice,as currently registering with the ANMC and aiming to do a bit of agency type thing if we decide to come out (waiting to visit first)
      Anyway,i have been nursing 15years and currently am an acting Matron (yuck stress!!!) Searched the ANMC site for info on reg criteria eg Degree but there is non. been told to apply and they assess individually.is this right?
      Trained before diploma degree days and have numerous courses but have never been arsed to get them accredited. Whoops
      Is this a problem do you think
      Yours in anticipation
      Amie x(desperate to get out the NHS!)

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      just finishing

      Hi to those who have a year left,
      i have just handed in my last assignment to-day:Dcan't believe i am nearly finished. I sent CV to agency through the nursing standard afew weeks ago, got a call the next day for interview in Manchester on March 7. Finish my training end of March and have a job to start straight away( Thankfully). I just want to move to Ad, never been before, but got to better than here. If i get the job, does anyone know how long it takes with a spon visa. I would really like to be out there by xmas.
      Greatful for any replys. Good luck in your last year...
      Cara (nearly nurse)
      Darren (ground worker)
      Ethan 9, not sure about the move yet! got his first girlfriend
      Erin 6 cant wait

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      hi - what a feeling that is, handing in the last essay - total relief!! sounds like they want you girl! good luck and keep going!


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