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      nursing jobs in Adelaide

      Hi all,
      This is my first post:D well at the moment me, hubby and 14 year old daughter (not forgetting Maisie our
      daughter;))are planning on moving to Australia, we did think of Perth originally but the house prices seem much better in Adelaide and surrounding areas.
      We will be renting at first but hope to get a mortgage in a year or so after moving. We will hopefully once we have sold our house in the UK be bringing around £50,000 with us. Which area would you all
      , which are cheap for buying houses and also near hospitals?
      I am a student nurse at present, just going into my final year (
      why i need to be near a hospital or within traveling distance from one!) and i hope to move over as soon as we can after i qualify in September 2008. Would they employ a newly qualified Nurse, i know some state they want at least 12 months experience but the way the job situation is in UK at present, it would be near impossible to find a
      . I am willing to go on a
      program if
      what it takes.
      Also my husband is a blow moulding
      in plastics, though he is willing to turn his hands to anything-would it be hard for him to find work of any kind?
      Last question honest! my daughter will be 15 when we move, how would she go about schooling she is very bright and really wants to continue her education does Oz have
      to A levels over there? she will be 15 when she leaves school in UK, being the youngest in her year.
      Thanks in advance love Joanna
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      Hi JOanna!
      I`d say if you want to be near a hospital try living near Noarlunga Hospital!
      The surrounding suburbs would be Christies Beach, Port Noarlunga,Seaford,HUntfield Heights you could find reasonably priced housing there and also be near the hospital!

      Cardign College just near the hospital is a very goood school!

      JO & DALE

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      thanks so much for the info, will buy you both a beer when i get there xxx

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      Quote Originally Posted by joanna View Post
      thanks so much for the info, will buy you both a beer when i get there xxx
      Take you up on that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      you supply the barbie and we will supply the beers!!

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      There are a few large hospitals in Adelaide so I guess it would depend on which one you ended up working in. Flinders seems to be one of the large ones along with Queen Elizabeth and Royal Adelaide.

      You can find more info here - http://www.adelaidebound.com/health.htm

      There seems to be a lot affordable housing in the south but thanks to the expressway and main south road the commute into the city or to another hospital would not be too bad. Cannot comment on costs of housing in north so much as not looked into it I'm afraid.

      There are lots of schools around the areas both public and private (as Cardjin is) so you will have plenty of choice. I think your best option is try to contact the hospitals for your options and find the work first and go from there as this would narrow down your suburbs for you within comuting distance :)

      Not sure how the exams work over here as my little one is only 4 but there are plenty on here that will be able to help you out :D


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      Quote Originally Posted by joanna View Post
      you supply the barbie and we will supply the beers!!
      ok not a problem

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      The Francis clan
      Hi Joanna,
      Good luck with your final year-glad to say I don't work in the NHS any more-couldn't imagine anything worse than training and struggling to find a job-If I were you,ring a few of the recruitment agencies-there's loads in the Nursing times and Nursing standard/and the net and see what they say about experience-I know a few seem to be reducing the amount of experience you need.Also e-mail a few of the hospitals in Adelaide and explain your situation-a few have the graduate nursing programmes,so you might get some joy that way!
      We're not planning to move til the end of next year,just saving the pennies!So have done loads of homework on hospitals,schools ETC.We really want to go but have decided to take our time-fortunately being a nurse does give you better options so don't give up hope!PM me if you like!Have also got a nurse friend who grew up in Adelaide and has been giving me the low down on stuff,so she might be able to help with any queries,she did say go with the public hospitals though!


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      The Francis clan
      Hi Joanna,
      Just found the link I was looking for-if you look at the 'South Australia central' website and click the healthcare link,you can bring up all the hospitals in the Adelaide area,have a look at the individual hospital websites as some lay out clearly their graduate nursing programme-ie The Burnside hospital has got a 2 page description of their programme and and you can also get e-mail addresses from here to-useful for those enquiries!

      Hope this helps


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      hi Hannah,
      thank you so much for your reply, yes i got told to try the public hospitals too. I emailed a few of the hospitals and it seems really optimistic, they said to apply online next June and if i am excepted they offer sponsorship for me and my family for the graduate program,they also said make sure to inform all other student nurses that are due to qualify to apply too!! ive emailed some in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane so which ever i get accepted for i will accept.
      A friend of mine who qualifies this September has been offered a job in Perth, to start next January so it looks good, though i would too imagine priority goes to Australian nurses.
      Again thanks so much for all your help and i hope everything turns out OK for you, you must keep me informed on how it all turns out for you.
      Love Joanna xxx


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