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      Social Work Jobs

      Hi Everyone,

      New to the site and have not yet applied for visa. Merely doing a bit of thinking at this stage.

      Just wondering what SA is like for availability of social work posts. wife has been qualified about 6 years and works with adults with a learning disability.

      anyone have an idea of chance of work, pay etc.
      i note that its not on most lists are being in short supply.



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      Hi Kylemore
      Just noticed your thread thanks to a lovely spammer who bumped it up.
      Welcome to PIA, we are originally from Belfast, been here 8 months.
      As regards social work jobs I think Lisa (Brandyslad) works in this field (not sure at what exactly) but I know she was offered a job the day she arrived here. Send here a pm and pick her brains, she is from Tyrone too, Fivemiletown to be exact.
      Good luck


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