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      cornish Busdriver

      Calling all Theater Nurses

      Calling all Theatre Nurses, scout and scrub.
      Flinders is about to do a recruitment drive and is after experienced theatre nurses of all specialities.
      For more info message me and i will get missus to explain it to you as itís her area.

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      What a great post, so considerate of you too!! I am not a nurse, but on behalf of all those who are THANKYOU!


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      cornish Busdriver
      Missus has realy settled in at flinders now and much more happier than she was at Calvary Wakefield. Theres a couple of poms there and there realy realy happy with the standard of UK theater staff and want more like her and them.
      Courses are coming think and fast and the putting her on a post grad course so she will get up another pay bracket with increments as well plus another 4k a year for just doing the course.
      So missus is very happy happy joy joy with the move she made.


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