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      Jo & Mark


      Hi All,

      Is there much call for fitter/machinists in Adelaide and if so which areas and what's the average wage?
      Any info greatly appreciated :lol:

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      taylor family
      :D hi jo & mark
      what kind of fitter are you and machinist.
      alan builder / laura hairdresser / special needs assistant.
      alan & laura taylor lancashire. :lol:

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      Jo & Mark
      Hi Alan & Laura,

      Thanks for your reply. :lol:
      I'm in manufacturing/industrial engineering or toolmaking.I hope that makes sence :lol:

      Jo & Mark

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      taylor family
      :DHi jo and mark
      dont no if you are aware that adelaide has one of the biggest car manufaturers in australia so you may be in look.
      hope that this is some help alan and laura. :lol: :lol:

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      Jo & Mark
      Thanks Alan & Laura :lol: I'll look into the car plant.

      Mark & Jo

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      No worries, I found it already, I guess that it would be Holden, but there is also a Mitsubishi plant.


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