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    Thread: want to re train as a midwife

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      There are lots of midwifery jobs out there - can honestly say that I haven't seen any for health promotion although maybe its because I haven't looked. Flinders Hospital certainly do a re - entry programme, I worked with a girl last night who had done this and South Australia do recognise direct entry midwifery. Give the a call, I have a feeling that you may have to be on the register NBSA to take up a re- entry place, meaning that you get your skills assessed, you would need transcripts, references etc - I may be wrong so give them a call http://www.flinders.sa.gov.au/
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      Hi Arlene,

      I too am in a similar position.

      I am a paediatric nurse, specialising in NICU, but haven't worked in a clinical environment since Sept 2002. My UK registration is currently up to date, but due for renewal in Oct, and I no longer have any current relevant experience to stay registered.............I am really wanting to get back to work, but finding it really hard to get any straight answers. NBSA say I have to do a bridging course prior to them recognising my qualifications...............Flinders say you have to have had experience within the past two years to do their course.................UniSA also seem to be a bit vague on what I'd have to do and in which order!!!?????

      I am here on a 457 visa with my husbands job, so currently qualify as an international student...............making the course very expensive at around $12,000 for the year. The courses are only done full time, so not really ideal for anyone with a young family, which I have. So including full fees, I would also have to pay for full child care for one, and before and after school care for the other (with no goverment assistance as we are not PR!!!).....................basically, the whole thing would cost me a small fortune, and the idea is to be bringing in extra cash!!!?????

      All I want to do is go back to work!! Arn't they desperate for nurses?????? Why do they make it soooo difficult?????????? But more frustrating, is that no-one really knows actually what I have to do, and seem to pass me from pillar to post...........if I have a straight answer, it would certainly give me a goal to work towards.
      Sorry for the very garbled rant..............wasn't really meant to turn out like that, just got carried away as sooo frustrated

      Anyone out there had any similar experience they could possibly use to answer any of my questions??????

      Thanks, Anna ???????

      Quote Originally Posted by JimmyT View Post

      Could anyone advise on updating midwifery skills? I arrive in Adelaide Dec or Jan on a 475 temp visa and would be very keen to get back into the field of midwifery. I qualified as a direct entry midwife in 2001 in Scotland but have not practised since then.

      I would be willing to pay to update skills but not sure if Oz recognises the direct entry route, without having been a RN first?

      I'm also keen to look at Health promotion if this is a more realistic option and wondered if anyone can give any idea on the current job situation in this field?



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      Hi Anna,

      sounds like you have done much more research than I have. I contacted the education facilitator at Flinders who advised me to speak to the nursing & midwifery board SA. She also suggested that I may have to do the re-entry programme offered by dept of health or Uni of SA for overseas nurses/midwives. My UK registration expired in 2005 so I foresee the runaround much like yourself!! I'm willing to pay for updating my skills but not to the extent of thousands of dollars.

      I have worked in specialist recruitment (for people with health issues - government funded) for the past 7 years and really want to get back into nursing of some kind.

      I may look at doing auxillary for the sake of getting work - also have a 4yr old daughter so would ideally work nights/shifts to help ease the childcare costs!

      Have still to contact Nusring & midwifery board SA so if I find out any info that may be helpful to you i'll let you know


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      Hi Arlene,

      I did some more phoning around yesterday. Basically, we wouldn't qualify for any of the Flinders courses, as they like you to have practiced within the past 2 years. The NBSA won't look at any of my qualifications as I have not worked within the past five years............basically, they say the steps for me are:
      1. I have to take an IELTS (English Language/written/oral/reading Course) despite coming from an English speaking country...........you have to score 7/9 in each of the areas, and I think the pass is valid for 6 months.
      2. Once you have passed this, you can apply to do a 6 months bridging course available only at UniSA (but reading their small print, they too like you to have had practiced within the past two years).
      3. If I am able to do the course, and fund it etc etc, then I will be in a position to progress with the NBSA in getting accredited here!!

      Once that has been done, then we would be able to work.

      BUT, if your registration has expired, I think you will have to do a full 3 years retraining, at a cost of approx $17,000 on a temp visa, and just under $5,000 a year if a PR(this is for Flinders).

      Basically, for a profession in desperate need of nurses, they make it bloody difficult!!!

      Let me know if you get any different answers, goodluck x

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      Oh, and by the way.............I too thought about auxillary nursing in paediatrics/neonates, or even voluntary work, but I don't think they have auxillary nurses here. When I went to the nursing expo, just after arriving, they basically said the third year nursing students do that kind of job, and any other help is usually a cleaning type position. I do believe you may be able to do it in the care of the elderly field though!!???


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